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Market segments

World-Valve supplies butterfly valve products to applications within numerous industries.The four main segments are Marine, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Water Treatment, but we can, of course, offer products to many more industries. Below please find a selection of industrial applications which are also supported by World-Valve.

Marine                              Power                              Oil & Gas

marine 150x85         powergeneration b150 hj85         oil gas 150x85

Water Treatment              Life Science                    Steel Industry

watertreatment b150 hj85         lifescience b150 hj85         steel 150x85

Chemical                         District Cooling                HVAC

 products chemicalprocess 150x85         district cooling-and-heating 150x85         building services hvac 150x85

Mining / Slurry                Dams & Reservoirs           Irrigation

mining 150x85         products dams reservoirs 150x85         irrigation 150x85

Bulk handling                Air separation                   Pulp and paper

bulk 150x85       airseparation 150x85       pulp-and-paper 150x85