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World-Valve has ample experience and knowhow in the power generation industry. We understand the specific issues and stakes and have what it takes to come up with a conclusive answer to any question. Our worldwide customers in this industry − primarily owners of installations, contractors and systems suppliers − count on us for an unbeatable combination of quick and reliable service and partner commitment. Our valves meet all relevant standards and come with any type of certificate you could possibly require or desire.


World Valve Power Generation Applications     pdf


World-Valve products were applied in systems for:   World-Valve contributes to systems dealing with, e.g.:

• Alstom
• Electrabel GDF SUEZ
• E.ON
• EPZ Borsele


• Cooling water
• Flue gas desulphurization (FGD)
• Waste water
• Demineralised water
• Utility water
• Fuel Oil