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Damper valves WVSK 70-3


 damper valve-wvsk-2 

        Type WVSK 70-3


 Available in wafertype and double flanged executions.


The damper butterfly valves are designed for on/off and regulating service of gas and air flow.




  • Standardized actuation flange
  • Centric shaft position
  • Shaft in PTFE/graphite bearings
  • Max.leakage class: III = 10-³ x nominal valve capacity (EN 1349)
  • Manual operation by lever or gear
  • Automatic operation by pneumatic or electric actuator
  • Proportional control


  • Cogeneration and incineration plants
  • Steel and cement works
  • Air treatment
  • Thermal combustion plants
  • Energy recovery from waste
  • Power plants
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Furnaces
  • Marine industry


Standard* according to:             ISO - Manufacturer*

Flange connection:                    DIN-PN 6/10/16, ANSI Class 125/150, JIS 5/10/16K*

Dimensions:                              DN 50 - 2.000mm*

Maximum working pressure*:    0,5-2 bar

Temperature range max*:         600ºC

Body materials:                         GGG40/Al.Bronze/AISI 316/GSC-25/Duplex/Other*

Disc materials:                          Al.Bronze/AISI 316/Duplex/Other*


*Details on specification can be found in
the PDF documentation, other requirements can be offered on request.


World-Valve standard

Lining vulcanised to the valve body face to face dimensions according World-Valve standard.

WVSK 70-3 Damper valve pdf

Technical information

Installation and maintenance instruction

INSTALLATION Installation and maintenance instruction pdf
INSTRUCTIONS KV and CV values double ecentric pdf