Double Flanged


Type WVFL 70-2

WV Standard


The World-Valve WVFL-70-2 series concentric double flanged butterfly valves have a fully vulkanized liner for on/off and control services for liquids and gasses in general services, in the power industry, marine industry, chemical and petro chemical industry, on-/ofshore applications, ….               



  • Standardized actuation flange
  • Centric shaft position
  • Shaft in PTFE lines bearings
  • Lining bonded to the body
  • No fluid contact with body
  • Streamlined disc shape
  • No flange gaskets required
  • No cavities in the flow passage
  • Low operating torques
  • High reliability by bonded lining
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • No lining movement when cycling
  • No internal body corrosion
  • Suitable for vacuum conditions
  • Easy installation
Standard according to:                ISO - DIN – BS –API*
Flange connection:                      DIN-PN 6/10/16, ANSI Class 125/150, JIS 5/10/16K*
Dimensions:                                 50 - 2.000mm*
Face to Face dimensions:           World-Valve standard
Maximum working pressure*:     16 bar
Temperature range*:                   -30°C ÷ 200°C
Body materials:                            GGG40/ Al. Bronze/ AISI 316/ GSC-25/Duplex/Other*
Disc materials:                             Al. Bronze/ AISI 316/ Duplex/ Hastelloy/Other*
Liner:                                            BUNA-N/ EPDM/ Viton/ Hypalon/ Vulkolan/ Other*

*Details on specification can be found in the PDF documentation, other requirements can be offered on request.


World-Valve standard

Lining vulcanised to the valve body face to face dimensions according World-Valve standard.

WVFL-70-2 Double flanged Type pdf

Technical information

Installation and maintenance instruction

INSTALLATION Installation and maintenance instruction pdf
INSTRUCTIONS KV and CV values double ecentric pdf