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Mono flange rubber lined



Type WVM 70-4      Type WVTB 70-1-M


The World-Valve ISO-series concentric mono flange butterfly valves have a fully vulkanized liner for on/off and control services for liquids and gasses in general services, in the power industry, marine industry, chemical and petro chemical industry, on-/ofshore applications, ….               



  • Standardized actuation flange
  • Centric shaft position
  • Shaft in PTFE lines bearings
  • Lining bonded to the body
  • No fluid contact with body
  • Streamlined disc shape
  • No flange gaskets required
  • No cavities in the flow passage
  • Low operating torques
  • High reliability by bonded lining
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • No lining movement when cycling
  • No internal body corrosion
  • Suitable for vacuum conditions
  • Easy installation


Standard according to:                ISO - DIN – BS –API*
Flange connection:                      DIN-PN 6/10/16, ANSI Class 125/150, JIS 5/10/16K*
Dimensions:                                 40 – 650mm* type WVM 70-4 / 600 - 2.000mm type WVTB 70-1-M
Face to Face dimensions:           DIN 3202 K3 (ISO series 16) (BS Long)
Maximum working pressure*:     16 bar
Temperature range*:                   -30°C ÷ 200°C
Body materials:                            GGG40/ Al. Bronze/ AISI 316/ GSC-25/Duplex/Other*
Disc materials:                             Al. Bronze/ AISI 316/ Duplex/ Hastelloy/Other*
Liner:                                            BUNA-N/ EPDM/ Viton/ Hypalon/ Vulkolan/ Other*

*Details on specification can be found in the PDF documentation, other requirements can be offered on request.


International standards

Lining vulcanised to the valve body face to face dimensions according international standards

Wafer mono flange type pdf
Wafer type with mono flange pdf

Technical information

Installation and maintenance instruction

INSTALLATION Installation and maintenance instruction pdf
INSTRUCTIONS KV and CV values double ecentric pdf