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Double eccentric butterfly valves Series 756



The 756 series double eccentric butterfly valves are utilised in water intake systems,
cooling water systems, filtering systems and industrial waste water in the power industry,
chemical and petro chemical waste water plants, steel industry,...




• Tilted fixated disc design

• Flow through disc optional

• Optimized disc sealing

• Integral seat in disc

• Replaceable seat ring in body

• Excellent rubber quality

• Rubber regains original shape

• Under pressure replacable shaft seals

• Corrosion protected shaft end zones

• Optional locking device

• Reduced wear on resilient seal

• 100% tight shut

• Minimum compression of disc sealing

• Reduced sensitivity for cavitation

• Low pressure loss

• Low operating torque

• Suitable for bi-directional flow

• Easy maintenance

• Easy handling due to reduced weight



Standard according to:                      EN - 593

Flange connection:                            DIN-PN 6/10/16*

Dimensions:                                       DN 200 - DN2200*

Maximum working pressure*:           16 bar

Temperature range*:                         Max. 70°C

Materials:                                           GGG40 – Epoxy coated

Disc seats:                                         EPDM – Stainless steel


*Details on specification and requirements can be offered on request.